The expert on polyurethane

We will be the largest in the Nordic countries on Molded products in foamed Polyurethane and Elastomers or Solid Polyurethane!

We are a newly started company where we have a long-standing experience in the polyurethane industry. Almost all of our employees have worked in the industry for more than 30 years, it guarantees a good quality and a broad knowledge. We are ISO and Environmental certified. We are currently working on the Lean philosophy that permeates all our processes. Our driving force is that we always want to change for the better after every working day. The motto “constant improvement” permeates everything we do.

Our goal is to always stay ahead of our competitors. We are constantly developing new material types and technologies that reduce environmental impact, without sacrificing properties such as strength, strength or quality. We do not work with materials that contain mercury, phthalates, lead etc. or with materials that are on the REACH limit list. We have materials that are currently approved for the Nordic Ecolabel. We are also proud to have materials that are biocompatible in our product portfolio.

We help customers with polyurethane solutions in widely differing industries, from mining and concrete industries to rehabilitation, leisure, interior design and public environments. By developing functional polyurethane inserts that help the customer get a better end product that maintains a high quality with desired properties such as. strength, insulation, shock absorption and elastic properties. Our specialty is to refine our customers’ products.


“We promise what we can keep and keep what we promise”


Polyurethane has superior properties that seal, dampen, protect and insulate and is used for a variety of purposes in most types of industries

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We are members of the Swedish Pur-Group, an organization for leading companies that deliver solutions in polyurethane.

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Our quality

We are ISO certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 and environment 14001: 2015

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