Polyurethane (Pur)

Polyurethane (Pur)

Polyurethane we have the solutions

PurPartner designs, develops and manufactures products in foamed polyurethane (baydur, flex integral) and solid polyurethane (elastomers, vulkolan) in both ether and ester and also various hybrid materials.

Why polyurethane?

  • Resistant to mechanical wear
  • Good load-bearing capacity with a very little set of the original shape.
  • Variable from soft and stretchable to hard and form-stable.
  • Can withstand temperatures between about -40 ° C and +100 ° C
  • Can withstand oils, gasoline, solvents, and underwater environments
  • Adhesion works excellently on metal, plastic, and other materials
  • Has a high resistance to mechanical abrasion and is naturally shock and sound damping.

What is polyurethane?

Polyurethane, PUR, is a collective name for a large number of materials with varying properties.

Polyurethane - common names

Other common names are urethane plastic, polyether foam, polyester foam, cold foam, foam, foam, rigid or hard foam, urethane foam, polyurethane elastomer, polyurethane rubber. Common abbreviations: PUR, RIM, RRIM, TPE, TPU.

The name of the polyurethane varies widely, each manufacturer using its own brand on its polyurethane quality e.g.

Hyperlast®, Vibrathane®, Royalcast®, Weartec®, Baytec®, Desmodur®, PurElastic®, Elasturan®, Adiprene®, Elastocoat®, Ureflex®, Imuthane®, Vollflex®, Versathane®, Eladip®, Monothane®, Castomer®, Elastollan®, MP Bayflex®, Slitan® och Rotakote®.

Polyurethane applications

Polyurethane has superior properties that seal, dampen, protect and insulate and is used for a variety of purposes in most types of industries. Examples of uses are

membranes, carpets, wear protection, seals, gaskets, furniture, adhesives, cable couplings, shoe soles, upholstery, car parts, construction and sound insulation, wheel, arm, neck support, various kinds of offshore products, and when embedding electronics. Polyurethane is also used in various forms of plates, rods, and rollers.


Polymeric materials

Own brands in polymeric materials

Polyurethanes are usually characterized by very good wear resistance, high elasticity, chemical resistance and resistance to oil, resistance to both low and high temperatures, resistance to weather, wind and UV radiation, non-static, good insulation and sound-damping ability. Polyurethane elastomers have properties that in many cases correspond to and exceed rubber. Polyurethane is also very suitable for embedding sensitive electronics in vulnerable environments

We help customers with polyurethane solutions in widely differing industries, from mining and concrete industries to rehabilitation, industrial products, offshore and public environments. By developing functional polyurethane inserts that help the customer get a better end product that maintains a high quality with desired properties such as. strength, insulation, shock absorption and elastic properties.


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