Environmental goals

PurPartner reuses all our waste from production, and all customers can send used products back to us, we mix 90% old material with 10% new and cast new products sold in our sister company Rosén Innovation AB.
We think this is to think environmentally friendly.

We at PurPartner AB take responsibility for the environment as well as for customers, employees, owners, and other stakeholders. Our environmental goal is to reduce the impact on the environment as far as is technically possible and economically reasonable.

  • We comply with current environmental legislation and aim to exceed current laws, regulations, and other regulations.
  • We are committed to constantly improving environmental work and reducing the company’s energy consumption / finding new, more environmentally friendly alternatives, and minimizing transport. We constantly strive to minimize our emissions.
  • We must be a preventive company when it comes to environmental impact.
  • Our ambition is to follow up on the company’s actual environmental impact, such as energy consumption and emissions.
  • We train the staff in how they can take more consideration for the environment in their daily work.
  • We recycle and sort waste when possible, as well as ensure that environmentally hazardous waste is handled in a safe manner.
  • We strive to use eco-labeled products in the business.
  • We use as few harmful substances as possible and always choose the most environmentally friendly alternative.
  • We set environmental requirements for contractors and suppliers and together with our partners try to develop solutions in environmentally sound technology and resource management.
  • Think long-term and sustainably at all stages by applying the life cycle perspective to prevent the environmental impact from being inadvertently moved to another part of the life cycle.

Our overall environmental goal is for all processes to be constantly improved in order to minimize the environmental impact. It is a goal that is constantly communicated and should be a cornerstone in all decisions.

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